Thursday, July 24, 2008

To know Liam

I have been reading (as I am sure we all are) Kimberley's blog for updates on Liam. I hesitate to write as Kimberley's account is obviously the most accurate we can get. However, I wanted to share with you the amazing kid that God has blessed each of us who know him.

This is a kid who first of all loves the Lord Jesus with all his heart. He's the cutest little evangalist I have met. Liam's smile entices his eyes and together they touch your heart to the very deepest part. His polite nature compliments his inquisitive personality. His beautiful brown eyes see so much - and if you look closely you can almost see what he's thinking.

A comic clown he often is. Pranks, jokes and funny remarks are always fun to share. A child who listens to his parents - I am sure even in times when he would prefer not to. Like the times when he KNOWS like he knows that he shouldn't accept offers of the candy machine at the sports centre where we worship on Sunday's. He waivers only for seconds before saying "no thank you". His hugs sometimes are given on the run - just because he knows he has to hug his mom's old friends until he turns 18! Some days he almost smashes you over as he runs to hug you and say HI! He's 8 going on 23 - wiser than I think we realize.

He brings a smile to my face every moment I think of him.

Pray for our beautiful little friend for complete healing!!


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