Monday, August 6, 2007

The Best Friendships

We have been quite busy these days - and it seems as though two weeks have flown by since I last shared. We spent this past weekend with our friends CAMPING at Long Point. An adventure that both my husband and I have not experienced in many years. Despite sleeping on a mattress that did not have the "memory foam" stamp, we managed to make it through two nights of tent sleeping. It would be beneficial if a remote control device was invente that would open the door zippers of the tent so that we wouldn't have to bend down to the very bottom of the floor to get out!

We had a wonderful time with our friends sharing meals, playing "golf", swimming, chatting, visiting, sweeping sand from our shoes, swim suits, vehicles, coolers and anything else that sand would find home to. My favorite time was the volley ball games at the beach Saturday afternoon (and into the early evening) in the rain. It was especially rewarding watching the younger children displaying their talent as they wacked the ball around the sandy court (often knocking someone off their feet!). I wonder if my husband's position in the sand was one of those moments??!!

We shared in laughter, pranks and pure FUN with our awesome friends. There were quite a few moments that I smiled in awe of the 29 people who were strangers to eachother six years ago - have been brought together and now share an incredible bond of friendship, love and extended family.

On behalf of each of us - we thank you Louise for arranging this weekend. It was a blast!