Tuesday, May 29, 2007

She is loved

Today I headed downtown Toronto with my son as we both had appointments with our favourite doctor... "Doctor D". He's an awesome doctor... a man with compassion, personality, honesty and brains. Anyway, as we were putting our quarters in the parking machine to get our one hour parking voucher, a worn out, tired scruffy woman came to me and asked for money so she could take the T.T.C. (the Toronto streetcar). My initial thought was that she was looking for money for drugs or alcohol so I was kind yet firm sharing I had only enough money for parking. The woman looked at me with such lost eyes, eyes that didn't smile or dance. She continued talking in a quiet shallow voice that she needed to get to a shelter where she could eat, shower and sleep. My heart was tugging as I didn't have any more change, but I did have a couple of five dollar bills. I continued to share my dilemma with her - and she continued to look at me waiting for something more. It is then that she said, standing ever so still and humble, the words "no one loves me".

My heart sank at her words, being truly caught off guard. Joseph was watching the scene trying to sum it up as I continued to share with the woman that I didn't have any money to help. I politely moved ahead and went inside the doctor's office....all while she continued to watch me inside through the big front window. Just standing still, just staring, unlike any other person before who has asked me for money on the street. She didn't take her eyes off of me for a second. I didn't take my attention and thoughts away from her. I asked the doctor's secretary if she had seen this woman before as I shared the story and my wondering about giving her money. The secretary suggested that Joseph go to the local convenience store and buy her a streetcar ticket. Good idea, my son who had a gentle and kind heart went and bought two tickets, approached her directly himself and handed them to her. She put the tickets in her pocket however, she didn't leave...she continued looking directly at me with her lost blue eyes.

I eventually went back outside and gently shared that she had the tickets she needed to go to the shelter and that it would be o.k. she could go ahead.

I couldn't get thoughts of her out of my head most of the day. Her eyes were almost haunting. Do you know what.... I blew it today. I shared my money with her but what I didn't do was share that she was loved. I can't even remember what I said to her about being loved, but what I do know is I didn't share God's love with her. The love that she can have so freely and yet doesn't know. The unconditional love. I missed an opportunity because I was humanly trying to find a way to do something for her. Tonight as I get ready for bed I can't help but wonder where this beautiful creature is. I can't help but wonder if she's o.k. I can't help but wonder if her head is lying on a pillow gently crying. I pray the next person she speaks to will be the one who knows Jesus and be the one to take the opportunity to ensure she knows God loves her?

I am going to call her Lilly because she was a delicate lady, standing in a light green dress with blonde hair hanging down, her head slightly tilted as she watched me. I know Lilly could be anything but who she represented herself to me this morning, but I choose to believe she's the lost soul she showed me this morning - a soul desperately needing to know the love of Jesus. Needing to cling to the hope and love that He gives each one of us. I pray that when Lilly lays her head down tonight that somehow she will feel prayers and God's love.


Monday, May 28, 2007


Well... I was sharing with the girls tonight that I have been creatively "dry" these days. Can't seem to get words down on paper.... Maybe I have been tired, lazy, or pre-occupied, making excuses, but something has stopped me from the passion of writing. Maybe I have been taking life too seriously this past little while????

Well, tonight I have decided to share something that is totally NOT serious, totally silly - and yet truly funny to me...to both Gerald and I actually. Not many know what life is REALLY like in our home together....how goofy we REALLY are... we laugh like .. goofs. There is no other way to describe our behaviour sometimes and those little moments we share. Tonight I was working away in my office in the family room (in the basement) and I heard Gerald coming in the house from work. He did a few things by the front door and headed into the kitchen. I snuck up the stairs and waited behind the wall to jump out and scare him. This is something that WE BOTH do quite often....try to scare eachother (jumping out from behind walls, side of the bed, closets, bathrooms....).

Anyway, I stood behind the wall and waited. He somehow saw my shadow sneaking up the side of the stairs and he waited for me on the other side.....slowly walking forward - jumping out and "booing" me...before I could "boohhh" him.... The two of us laughed until we cried, gave eachother hugs and kisses and once the laughter and tears stopped.....we shared our day. You have to hear my husband laugh...he has a most fun, happy laugh...a contageous laugh. He makes me laugh just hearing him laugh. I am thankful for his gift of laughter.

Now I know that seems truly goofy and not a very remarkable thing to write about...however I was reflecting on it tonight when I came home after our meeting. I was thinking how blessed we are to laugh together so often over the silliest, goofiest moments.

I am sure you will share as well that there are times when our hearts may not feel joy....and there are times when we don't allow joy to fill our hearts.... Be reminded with me that we must see joy in all things and especially let the simplest of moments give us incredible joy. I am thankful that there are more times of joy in my life than not.

Psalms 28:7

"The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving".

I pray that you would be able to see and feel incredible joy in the most simplest of things this week.

God Bless,


Love is in the air!

Well my friends my sweet husband surprised me with an overnight stay in Niagara-on-the-Lake last weekend in a beautiful five star bed & breakfast for our 18th anniversary. We had so much fun; it was like a mini honeymoon all over again, without all my family this time....
Yes, you heard me correct, we spent our honeymoon 18 years ago with all my family back in England, with the exception of a few days in London on our own. We stayed with my mom's youngest brother who had three-year-old twins who loved to wake us up in the morning around 7am to cuddle and play in bed. I loved it because I don't get to see my family in England very often, but I don't think it was Lance's idea of a romantic honeymoon.

But I can tell you romance was in the air last weekend...We held hands everywhere we went, we laughed, talked, Lance patiently went into every little store with me and even pretended to enjoy himself...now that is true love. I must say it was nice to be pampered and wooed by my husband. I am the one who makes all the plans and organizes everything, so all I had to do this time was pack an over night bag and enjoy....

We get so busy with life, kids, and work that we often neglect the most important relationship apart from God, our marriage. I love spending time with my husband, but often he is the last person that I schedule time alone with. Over the last few years we have been so busy with church activities, kids activities, work that we have neglected our time alone, we have not made it a priority, we have not fit it into our schedule.

We meet once a week at the home of John & Lisa Rios. They are such dear friends who love the Lord and have a wonderful marriage ministry. God has used them to speak to Lance and I many times, and John last month asked us if we go out on dates. We said no, he asked why not and we had no good reason why not, just we are too busy. He explained how important it is once a week to spend that time alone, go on a date, even if it's just coffee or go on a nice walk. Since then Lance and I have been on a number of dates and really enjoyed spending time alone together.

When was the last time you went on a date with your husband? Just because you have been married for a number of years does not have to mean romance is dead...read the book Song of Songs chapter 4 in the bible and see what God has to say about marriage and romance...

I encourage you to make spending time with your husband a priority, they say spring is in the air.... well I say Love is in the air...and it's awesome....

Let me know how your date goes, I would love to hear from you.

In His precious Love,