Monday, August 25, 2008

Orange and all....

I continue to share about Liam. It seems that despite all that is going on in our lives, Liam is always in our daily prayers, thoughts and conversations. Every week I hear of new people who don't even know Liam are praying for him. The months have brought many trials to each of us and despite our own personal trials, Liam's is forefront in all of our thoughts and prayers. I am thankful for loving caring people who continue to pray for him.

A couple of Sunday's ago I joined Kimberley's TeamKid class at church. I sat back and watched the kids as they joined "Tat and the boys" in the Sunday morning music session. I took pictures of the children as they interacted with eachother, especially during the very "active" game lesson Kimberley was teaching. At one point in time Liam pulled up a chair and sat beside me and we watched together. We sat silently together and shared the occasional glance and smile. It was one of those neat moments shared that wasn't necessarily outstanding, but very neat.

Tonight I was sitting reading Kimberley's blog and I drifted away in thought and reflected on the moment I was recently able to share with Liam at church. As I had watched Kimberley interacting and teaching the children, I leaned over and said to Liam "you are lucky, your mom's a GREAT teacher". He turned his head and said to me, "you are a good teacher too". He looked directly at me, smiled and turned his attention back to the group. It was just "one of those moments" that has left a footprint in my heart (a "Liam" footprint).

Just for the record, our entire moments together were not completely quiet. There was the moment Liam couldn't help himself by trying to steal my popcorn (which was part of a game being played), laughing and just "quietly" being who he is. I love that he's intuitive, funny, of incredible "orange" character, daring, wide eyed and ready for fun! I am glad I can be the sometimes "bad influence" in his life!! Just for the record, I think Liam is the "bad influence" He's always getting me in trouble!! Being with Liam lets the "kid" in me be O.K. (well O.K. in MY eyes anyway..haha) It brings great joy to my heart to just have fun around him. I love the looks only HIS eyes can dart at me.

More than having fun this particular Sunday morning, it was especially eye opening as I noted how he had obviously WATCHED me as I attempted to "teach" him and the other children in the TeamKid class through the years. Liam has been listening to me but more importantly he has been watching me and has begun to KNOW some of the "inside" me. I am not necessarily a "good" teacher, but more importantly, because Liam has WATCHED me, he has begun to know my heart and my attempts at being one of the TeamKid teachers.

So if Liam has been able to get to know my "heart" I wonder if He has been able to see my worry, fear and anxiety over "Tubby the Tumor". Liam shouldn't see anxiety, fear and worry. He should see our faith, trust and belief in Jesus and all that He says. I am reminded that when we don't go to Jesus first, we could naturally either openly reflect our responses to trails or even try to "hide" our responses. I don't believe we are able to hide our responses, fears and anxieties, especially to those close to us. It's hard to hide much through our eyes. It has not been easy for me as well as I am sure many of you, to let go of the "why" question, to allow fear and anxiety overwhelm us. I am working at replacing the "why" with petitions of prayer and thanks. I encourage any of you who are asking the "why" questions to replace the "why" with prayer.

I was thinking about God and how He watches us. He doesn't have to look into our eyes, He knows us EXACTLY where we are at, especially when we are not going to Him. I can see Him tapping His foot gently with His chin rested on his hand as He lightly shakes His head. I wonder if He asks "why".

Our friends are facing a huge trial, and are kneeling at His feet for strength and wisdom. He knows when we are facing trails, how we are coping and what we need. As Gerald and I sit by the lake this weekend in an attempt to escape the busy of the city, I am reminded ever so much that we do not have to escape to the country to embrace moments with HIM. We just need to stop whever we are, seek solitude and wait patiently to hear what He has to say.

The quiet lessons others can teach us, especially those who silently watch us.Thanks Liam!!

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